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Leaf Removal

Turn Your Leaves Over To Us

At ER Lawn Care, we know how to tackle leaves. Our 2-3 person crews are experienced with removing leaves like you’ve never seen before. In fact, you might even find it astonishing to see how easily they make quick work of the leaves on your lawn!

ER Lawn Care’s leaf removal services typically begin in November. We provide several packages to tailor our services to your needs. Next year, you can look forward to the leaves falling because you won’t have to pick them up!

  • Eliminate potential mold growth and disease
  • Hassle-free waste removal saves you time and money
  • Give your lawn its best chance to survive the winter ahead

Free Up Your Busy Day

Consistent scheduling and dependable results

Enjoy The Results Without The Effort

A smart investment for any home or business owner

Snow And Ice Removal

No More Sweating In The Cold

ER Lawn Care provides snow and ice removal services for our best residential and commercial customers, day in and day out. When it’s freezing outside and the last thing on your mind is shoveling cold, wet, heavy snow, our dedicated crew arrives to take care of everything.

At ER Lawn Care, we’re truly a year-round lawn maintenance service with your best interests at heart. We know that icy spots can be a real hazard for any business, let alone the customers you’re expecting to walk through your doors. No one wants to slip and fall on the ice!

  • Rest easy without having to worry about sweating in the cold
  • Prevent unnecessary personal injuries
  • Reliable results help you tackle winter weather with confidence

Protect Against Disease And Pests

We only use environmentally-friendly methods

Industry Certification And Expertise

Our experts know how to achieve the results you want

Spring Cleanup

Take Spring Cleaning To The Next Level

ER Lawn Care knows that sometimes your lawn just needs a pick-me-up. Don’t we all? If you’re looking for a one-time lawn maintenance service to bring life back to your property, you know who to call!

Our Spring Cleanup service can easily spruce up your lawn without having to sign up for a year-long program or spend way more money than necessary. ER Lawn Care knows that lawn maintenance takes many forms and we’re here to help.

  • Cost-effective way to give your lawn the boost it needs after a long winter
  • Minimal investment for maximum results
  • Tailored approach to fit your needs

Free Up Your Busy Day

Consistent scheduling and dependable results

Enjoy The Results Without The Effort

A smart investment for any home or business owner

Frequently Asked Questions: Lawn Care Services

What payment terms does ER Lawn Care offer?

We offer three different payment options, each requiring a credit card or ACH on file:

  • Prepay: Save money up-front by paying for a year’s service. You’ll have access to a discounted rate.
  • Month-to-month: Contract our services for the month and receive a final bill at the end of the month for all work completed.
  • Annual monthly contract: We split our annual rate up equally over 12 months from your sign-up date.
How do I sign up with ER Lawn Care?

Signing up with ER Lawn Care is easy on our online platform. Simply add your desired services to the cart and check out with your preferred payment method. You will get an email notification confirming your order as we begin processing your request.

Once we’ve confirmed your order, we will send you an onboarding email with instructions on how to access our client portal. This portal helps you interact with our staff and keep your services all in one place. You’ll also get a notification of when you can expect your first service to begin.

Please note that all orders placed outside of regular business hours will be processed the next business day. In addition, properties exceeding half an acre require a custom quote. This applies to commercial properties as well.

What are ER Lawn Care's billing terms?

ER Lawn Care requires payment in full upon sign-up for services less than $2,000. With our receipt of this payment, we begin your contract, schedule your services, and secure the materials necessary for completing the work.

How can I schedule notifications?

Our client portal makes it easy to schedule notifications for upcoming service visits. Navigate to your dashboard to see past services information as well as any scheduled services.

What does ER Lawn Care's leaf removal service include?

ER Lawn Care’s leaf removal service features a crew of 2-3 members equipped with professional-grade tools.

Leaf removal begins with backpack blowers, mowers, and rakes to gather leaves into large piles. Blowers help gather the leaves in a designated area, where the mulching mower chops those leaves into fine pieces. These pieces are then raked onto a tarp to be removed.

As a final step, our mulching mower receives a leaf bagger attachment to pick up any remaining leaves and leave the signature stripes on your lawn after the grass has been freshly mowed. This helps to keep your lawn from retaining any disease from the dead leaves and stay short enough to promote healthy growth.

What services are excluded from ER Lawn Care's leaf removal program?

ER Lawn Care includes only the following in our leaf removal service:

  • Mowing
  • Blowing fallen leaves
  • Removing fallen leaves

Any other services are excluded and/or may incur a separate fee.

Does ER Lawn Care's leaf removal service include removing leaves completely from the property?

Yes, our leaf removal service includes removing leaves from the property. We typically bag the leaves up and place them in our trucks before leaving the site.

What time of the year does ER Lawn Care perform your leaf removal service?

The leaf removal service you choose will determine your scheduling. Leaf removal season begins in November and continues through the end of December and potentially into the beginning of January, depending on the weather. It’s common for our crews to visit you once in November and once in December.

How many visits are included with ER Lawn Care's service programs?

ER Lawn Care crews will visit your property anywhere from 1 to 4 times, depending on the package you choose. We schedule a single visit in November, December, or January, or two visits each in November and December.

If you choose to have us visit your property 4 times, we schedule this out to be one time in November, two times in December, and one final time in January.

What is included in ER Lawn Care's Snow and Ice Removal service?

ER Lawn Care’s Snow and Ice Removal service includes both residential and commercial properties. We remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, front porches, and parking lots.

What does ER Lawn Care not provide with the Snow Removal service?

We do not provide ice control, such as salting, with our Snow Removal service.

When does ER Lawn Care perform the Snow and Ice Removal service?

ER Lawn Care prefers to perform our Snow and Ice Removal service late at night when there is no traffic. Depending on the weather, we may have to work during the day.

How much snow does ER Lawn Care need to provide Snow and Ice Removal service?

We need at least 1-2 inches of snow to provide Snow Removal services.

What does ER Lawn Care include with its Ice Removal service?

At this time, we do not provide ice control services for residential properties. However, we do provide salting of parking lots and sidewalks for our commercial clients enrolled in the Ice Control service program.

What does ER Lawn Care not provide in its Snow and Ice Removal service?

We do not remove snow with the Ice Control service.

How does ER Lawn Care's billing work?

After we perform the service, you will receive an invoice via your customer portal.

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