Drain Your Lawn Properly To Prevent Drowning

Watering your lawn is essential to keeping it healthy. But how much is too much water? Let ER Lawn Care’s dedicated team help you address water drainage issues to keep your lawn healthy and any water damage at bay.

  • Quickly and efficiently remove standing water to prevent property damage
  • Protect nutrients from escaping the soil and depriving your lawn of the resources it needs
Free up your busy day

Consistent scheduling and dependable results

Enjoy the results without the effort

A smart investment for any home or business owner

Landscaping Design

Certified in Green Design

Achieving a stunning landscape design is easy with ER Lawn Care. Consult with our knowledgeable staff about what you should include. We’re happy to share ideas and give you the confidence of designing one-of-a-kind landscaping you can be proud of!

  • Make the most of your property by consulting the experts first
  • Improve the value of both your lawn and property
  • Rely on industry experts to respect your budget and achieve your desired look
Protect against disease and pests

We only use environmentally-friendly methods

Industry certification and expertise

Our experts know how to achieve the results you want

Shrub And Tree Planting

Add Some Green To Your Property

ER Lawn Care knows that any good landscaping design isn’t complete without a few shrubs and trees. Our experts know what it takes to give trees and shrubs new life. Let us provide the perfect foundation so you can enjoy the view for generations to come.

  • Tailored approach carefully selects plants appropriate for your area
  • Ensure proper growth for future generations to enjoy
Free up your busy day

Consistent scheduling and dependable results

Enjoy the results without the effort

A smart investment for any home or business owner

Frequently Asked Questions: Landscaping

What payment terms does ER Lawn Care offer?2023-01-17T19:50:58+00:00

We offer three different payment options, each requiring a credit card or ACH on file:

  • Prepay: Save money up-front by paying for a year’s service. You’ll have access to a discounted rate.
  • Month-to-month: Contract our services for the month and receive a final bill at the end of the month for all work completed.
  • Annual monthly contract: We split our annual rate up equally over 12 months from your sign-up date.
How do I sign up with ER Lawn Care?2023-01-17T20:39:11+00:00

Signing up with ER Lawn Care is easy on our online platform. Simply add your desired services to the cart and check out with your preferred payment method. You will get an email notification confirming your order as we begin processing your request.

Once we’ve confirmed your order, we will send you an onboarding email with instructions on how to access our client portal. This portal helps you interact with our staff and keep your services all in one place. You’ll also get a notification of when you can expect your first service to begin.

Please note that all orders placed outside of regular business hours will be processed the next business day. In addition, properties exceeding half an acre require a custom quote. This applies to commercial properties as well.

What are ER Lawn Care’s billing terms?2022-10-14T01:52:50+00:00

ER Lawn Care requires payment in full upon sign-up for services less than $2,000. With our receipt of this payment, we begin your contract, schedule your services, and secure the materials necessary for completing the work.

How can I schedule notifications?2022-10-14T01:58:04+00:00

Our client portal makes it easy to schedule notifications for upcoming service visits. Navigate to your dashboard to see past services information as well as any scheduled services.

How does ER Lawn Care’s billing work?2022-10-14T01:56:12+00:00

After we perform the service, you will receive an invoice via your customer portal.

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