What amount of mulch is included with ER Lawn Care’s service?

ER Lawn Care includes 1-2 inches of fresh mulch placed during cleanup services. This is enough mulch to provide adequate protection for your plant life without crowding and potentially damaging those plants by adding too much.

Existing bed edges are also re-edged to a depth of 2-3 inches of mulch. This amount has been proven to be the best depth for both water drainage and appearance.

Our experts have calculated a specific allotted amount of mulch per property size:

  • 5 cubic yards per property smaller than 1/8 acre
  • 6 cubic yards per 1/8 acre
  • 7 cubic yards per 1/4 acre
  • 8 cubic yards per 3/8 acre
  • 9 cubic yards per 1/2 acre

Any property over half an acre in size requires a custom mulch quote. Please contact us directly to discuss your mulching needs.

Please note that if you want more mulch than we’ve allotted for your property, each additional cubic yard incurs a $100 fee that is added to your final bill.

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