What does ER Lawn Care’s Cleanup Program include?

Our Cleanup Program varies with the seasons:

Spring Cleanup and Mulch Application

After a long, cold winter, our Spring Cleanup helps wake up your lawn and landscaping to look fresher than ever. We take care of weeds, re-edge flower beds, trim shrubs and hedges, and clean up leaves and small debris. We also apply a pre-emergent herbicide to flower beds before adding more mulch.

Fall Cleanup and Mulch Application

When the leaves begin to fall, our Fall Cleanup program is there to prepare you for winter. We also provide the same services as our Spring Cleanup, except for our leaf removal service.

Landscaping Maintenance Visits

In between our scheduled Cleanups, we also provide a total of 6 maintenance visits. During these visits, our staff address any weeding/edging/trimming necessary to keep your lawn looking great. We do not include leave removal or mulching services during these visits.

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